Monday, May 11, 2009

We like to get out

Astrid has finally gotten some more teeth!
Beautiful Utah. Got to love this state.

Astrid wishing she could be in the pond with the ducks and geese.

Astrid trying to find some middle ground betweeen me not letting her go in the water and her wanting to swim.

This is what she does when she sees kids. She is such a friendly person by nature and is always saying hi and bye to people. As it turns out most people are less friendly than her. Lame.

Sugarhouse Park has become a weekly outdoor activity for Astrid and I. She knows exactly what we're going to do when I tell her we're going to feed the patos and hand her a bag of old bread. As we get close to the park she starts to ask, "Patos? Patos?" It is so cute.

Our garden is finally up and running thanks to our great neighbor who decided we should do it together this summer and did all of the hard work of getting manure and tilling it. Planting a garden may quite simply be one of the most satisfying things you can do. I can't wait for Astrid to be able to pick fresh tomatoes, squash and peppers.

More Wheeler Farm--this time with Smee and Maggie.

Astrid, Kristina, BooBoo, Smee, Maggie and Katie

I think these girls are going to be best buds, along with cousin BooBoo.

Swing: new toy. I swing her in the morning and her Papa swings her when he gets home from work. She loves it.

Our favorite meal and snack: quesadilla with avocado.

Luke, thanks for letting us use that old climbing rope. It was very handy :)

This is where you can find Astrid if she's not at her drawing table. She usually wakes up before Arthur and I decide to get out of bed and we love to listen to her reading away--"nino, troca, popa (mariposa), luna, arbol, pajaro..."
I can't believe how little she used to be in this stroller.