Thursday, April 30, 2009

taylor onesie

Boys, here she is weaing the cute onesie you got her. She's pointing at the guitarra.
Thank you for thinking of her. She looks adorable in it :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

earth day

Our Earth Day activity was a bit of a bust this year. The hike we wanted to do up to Donut Falls was still closed, we got sunblock in Astrid's eyes and our allergies were the worst. But, it was nice to drive up the canyon and hang out with Meg and BooBoo for a little while :)

the zoo

Astrid seemed less interested in the animals and more interested in icecream, the raging river and running amok.

More faves (Astrid's)


Being with Papa.
Sitting in Papa's lap and making a mess of his breakfast/dinner.

Peaceful sleeping.

Peaceful waking.

Playing with the camera.
Sticking her tongue out.

Her puppy.


Egging Arthur
Nain getting Kristina.
Smee cracking an egg on Astrid's head.
Gwen, Astrid and Smee

This is what she really wanted to be doing.

My little easter egg hunter .

Egg hunters.

We had a very nice Easter. Church, a great dinner with Christopherson's and Easter eggs Mexi-style. Making them brought back so many childhood memories of making them in the cuartito.

wheeler farm

Sorry it's sideways, but just to show how tuckered out she was when we got in the car.

Los pollitos.

This is how much she loves ducks. She wanted to be in the water so bad. (She's actually tried getting into the water at a park so that she could feed the ducks. She's pretty fearless when she wants something).

Wheeler Farm is our local, free farm. We love it and have been going once a week. The first time Astrid was a little reticent, but she loves it more and more every time we go. The cows scared her the most- I don't think she thought they would be as loud as they are.

Her favorite animals are birds, or paos (pajaros) and papos (patos). She could watch birds and chase ducks forever.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things

Astrid loves to play this game where she gets really close to the spoon, as if she's going to eat the food, and then turns away and runs as fast as she can. She does this for other things too. It's super funny and what's cutest is that she made it up herself. Somehow she knew that this was a pretty great trick.

Helping Mama cook. I tend to always let her because she is so genuinely interested in what I'm doing and I see it as the perfect teaching opportunity.

Being silly.
This is one of Astrid's favorite things to do. She could draw for hours if I let her. Her legs, hands and especially clothes are always drawn on.
More favorites to come.