Tuesday, April 27, 2010

for my college friends:

Hey you guys. Don't know if you have this recipe or not (I will be so sad if one of you has had it this whole time)...but I've been dying to have it since the first time I ate at Magelby's Fresh. I looked furiously for a close enough recipe after recently gorging on unlimited french toast at our old place.
This is what I found:

Buttermilk Syrup
1 C buttermilk
1 stick butter
1 C sugar
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vanilla

Boil the buttermilk, butter and sugar. Whisk in baking soda and vanilla. Serve over warm french toast, pancakes or waffles. Add strawberries and whip cream for the real deal.

Whole Wheat Pancakes
1 1/2 C flour
3 tbs sugar
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

1 1/2 C milk
3 tbs butter, melted
2 eggs

Mix them all together and add some ground flax for extra goodness.

This is what I plan on helping me gain my last few pounds...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cinderelly, Cinderelly

There's no way Astrid was going to sit.

Astrid patiently waiting to get her face painted. She informed Cinderelly that she was next in line, to which Cinderella casually replied "ok", but Astrid held her to it and wedged herself in front and said "my turn" after this little girl.

(outfit chosen by Astrid)

Astrid was either lingering around Cinderella or asking her to carry her.

Goodbye hug

Yum. Mac and cheese

Yesterday we went to a friend's 3rd birthday party. I don't know how a two year old can love princesses so much without even owning a "real" princess dress, movie, wand or tiara, but she does. Astrid is in full princess mode.

our entertainment

You Are My Sunshine

Do Re Mi

Between drawing all over herself, slathering lotion all over her babies and changing her dress for the tenth time that day, you will find Astrid doing this. She always has a song and dance in her heart.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

About time

Snuggle time with Dad

33 weeks and growing...

After playing outside

Got out of shower to find this:"Soy una bruja" ("I'm a witch"), she said.

We've had a lot going on the last few months:
-packing and moving
-family babies
-family weddings
-doing lots of house rennovations
-work changes for Arthur
-not to mention growing a baby and taking care of a 2 year old
and while I could have found some time to post, I just didn't have the motivation.
We're 33 weeks along now, due June 12, but we think Thomas (Arthur's middle name) will come a little closer to Arthur's birthday (the 5th). I have so many mixed feelings about his arrival (will the house be ready, how will I adjust to two kids, how will Astrid adjust) but I know that once he's here my worries and concerns will dissipate and I'll just love having a little baby around. (I was quite nervous prior to Astrid's birth, too, and now I can't imagine life without her.)

In December we became homeowners but didn't actually move in until March. Everything about it so far has been hard... from being landlords for two months, to not receiving our IRS money yet to do the big projects our house needs. It's been a little slowgoing, but we're doing it and there's no turing back for 3-4 years (that's how long we say we'll be here.) It's a good little house (rented and abused for the last 4 years--8 tenants in the last 4 years, all forcibly removed by the cops, except the ones we kicked out) in a humble neighborhood in a humble ward (think a ward you would visit in Southern Utah while camping). It's so different from where we were but like Arthur and I have discussed, it is what we make it, though that's a lot easier said than done. I do have to say it's been so nice to have a yard for Astrid to play and explore in. She could play in dirt and flowers searching for ants all day if I let her. Little house projects (think orange, green and purple rooms) are making this house look more and more like our (my) home. Astrid and Thomas' room is coming along nicely and I can't help but think of cute it will be when they're playing in there together.

All in all, life is so good. Though there have been a lot of big changes, there's nothing better than going through it with the people you love most.