Thursday, September 24, 2009

lake powell

hated the lifevest

gorilla sand structure by damian with jack in the background

astrid just loved playing on the beach

water zombie- the kids loved him

brains, glorious brains, wonderful brains

(last two pictures taken by damian dayton)
This was my first time to Lake Powell. It was beautiful. The scenery, breathtaking- sort of made you want to turn off the tunes and listen to what Nature has to share with you.
I've never seen as many stars or bats in my life as I did in those two nights.
It was such a nice time.

Monday, September 14, 2009

a great birthday

Arthur and Astrid got me this awesome tent for my birthday. We decided to go camping over Labor Day weekend but all of the designated camping spots up Little Cottonwood Canyon were taken. Arthur's back up was a little meadow about a mile (1/2 hour hike) from Albion Basin.
As we were settling down for the night we heard what we thought was a dog barking, but then realized that it just couldn't be. All night we thought it was wolves and it made for a sleepless night for me (better me than Astrid).

But, we did wake up to this view, which didn't last very long. Two minutes after this picture was taken, it started to POUR. We waited about half an hour in the tent and then made a break for the car when the rain let up a bit.

We later found out that the wolf/dog noises we heard were actually a pack of coyotes that hang out in this meadow.

meeting papa for lunch

Hanging out at Gallivan

I've been wanting to make a family picnic quilt for a really long time and finally got around to it. Though not perfect, I'm really excited about it.

7 canyons fountain at liberty park

This has been one of our favorite things to do this summer. It's a mini replica of the seven canyons and the rivers flowing out of them. It's free, it's fun and Astrid can play in the shallow waters to her heart's content.