Thursday, March 20, 2008

sewing creations

Nothing too hard, I'm just glad to not have to spend money on diaper covers (if I can get them down).

She's wearing one of my mom's baby shirts in this picture. I think she looks a lot like Arthur.

Astrid happy with her Aunt Meg. We LOVE the adorable hair clip!

This picture was taken after a much needed long nap after a two hour cry. So happy. I let her sleep "nakey". I think she prefers it. (If you were wondering why she didn't have a diaper on)

A couple of weekends ago we went up to Park City to watch the snowboard/ski 1/2 pipe competition. It looks a lot colder in the picture than it was.

Mom as Astrid at indoor supporting Papa and Uncle Hugh.

Family at indoor.

Bundled for another run. We go running a lot. (I've committed with training, not money, to the Salt Lake 1/2)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

long time no blog

Sorry for the long delay in blogging. And now that I am, I realize that I don't have all the pictures that I wanted...lame. So these will have to suffice. They are a couple of weeks old but she looks pretty much the same. I will be sure to post some more recent ones soon.

This is just us hanging out in the evening. She really likes to play and talk on my lap.

We LOVE going on runs together. It hasn't really been ideal baby running weather, so that's why I have to bundle her so much. She doesn't seem to mind, though. She is so great and sleeps through a whole run (despite me running through potholes, etc) and when we get home she is always ready to eat.

This is a typical picture of Astrid sleeping. The best is when she wakes up, though, because she does these really adult-like stretches. She arches her little back and neck, stretches out her arms and legs and makes stretching noises. I love it.

This is the first picture of her sitting up (against a wall). She did pretty well--long enough for me to take a couple of pictures.

In terms of new news, I recently got a sewing machine and I have been going bananas making stuff for Astrid, from blankets to diaper covers. I love this new little hobby, although I am very, very new to it and not very good yet. I will post some pictures of some things I've made soon.
What else...we are ready for some spring weather! Last night it snowed although last week the weather forcast speculated that we would not be getting anymore snow in the valley. I'm ready to break out the skirts and sandals (yeah, Susan!) and let my baby lounge in a onesie instead of layers of clothes!