Sunday, September 14, 2008

we're up again

Super big smile (5 mos)

At the end of May
we moved from down-
town SL to Holladay.
This is Arthur's favorite
moving attire.
Arthur & Astrid in the ocean At the Polynesian At the beach
Cultural Center
Celebrating the 24th of July
Bear Lake

4th of July Provo Pool Watching fireworks Jack Johnson for my birthday
(Astrid loves the water)
Lake Mary/Big Cottonwood Canyon (August)
This was our summer in a nutshell (minus all the soccer games, trip to CO, hike at Upper Calf Creek Falls, and visits from lots of friends). It was so much fun to show Astrid all the fun things that are summer and look forward to experiencing fall!


Erin said...

Jasmine!! I am so glad you guys have internet again. I love the pictures. You guys make such a beautiful family. I will definitely be out again soon to visit!

Asay Family said...

Yahoo! I am so glad that you are back in business. I thought that you may have just given up completely. Glad that you didn't. :)
You summer looks like it has treated you all very well. Astrid is a doll!!!

The Burns Family said...

Hello, Astrid is such a beautiful baby. Glad to see you are up and running, I caint wait to see more posts.


Familia Neve-Gonzalez said...

You guys are such a fun family. Astrid is so bless to have such great parents!
I hope some day we can finaly get together and you can come and visit us in Herriman.
Love ya! and miss ya!
Keep up the great work mom.!

Melissa C said...

What a fun summer! I can't believe how much you guys did. You need to send me your new address. Astrid is getting so big!

GreenEva said...

Hey Jasmine! I hope you remember me...its Ruth:). I was so excited to find your blog! You have such a beautiful daughter :). I hope things are going great for you!

Saskia said...

So, I started out on Angie Tam's blog, which links Ryan Christensen's, which brought me cool is that?! How have you guys been?? Looks like you're doing well! Congratulations on your adorable little girl! What a great name. I guess that also explains why you never made it back for the Eurocup...