Saturday, February 5, 2011

last month

A typical happy Thomas.

There have been lots of these drawings around here lately- a mom growing a baby in her belly. I guess that's what happens when your family prayers are full of blessings for moms and their growing babies.

Astrid riding the Bandersnatch.
Thomas had his face drawn on by Astrid and I thought it actually looked kind of cute.


AL&G said...

Jasmine, thanks for the invite. It's really great to see you are all doing so well. Hope we can get together soon.

Grammie YaYa said...

Mamasita que linda te vez como novia!! Y jugando con tu hermanito :)
Thomasito eres un pedacito de cielo nuestro amorcito! Que bonito juegas con tu hermanita :)
Mamas que bonito le pintaste la carita a Thomasito. Nos hicieron extra├▒ales muchisimo! Muchos besotes y abrazos!!
Grampy y YaYa

Rebecca Smylie said...


Rebecca Smylie said...

Astrid likes to draw pictures of expecting families, Adelaide likes to "do her email" on any computer screen she comes across (see above). I laughed though. The other night we were praying and Levi says, "And please bless (pause) all the prgnant people." It's just that phase of life, eh? Everyone seems to be pregnant all the time?