Friday, July 8, 2011


Lex & Karissa's new baby Asher!

A blue door (with Mexican house number tiles). I just couldn't stand the white anymore.

A longtime overdue project: hanging plants in this wall opening.

Wildflowers on the kitchen counter

Beautiful wildflowers growing in the front garden.

Family hikes

My sweet babesters.


Meg said...

love all these too! so glad you finally updated :)

Crist Family said...

Jasmine -
I Loved it all...the door color, the pictures of your darling kids, the flowers and hanging plants...and yeah for you to be an Auntie! It's the best. Sure love you.

Missy said...

FINALLY. I was dying for more Jasmine info. Kevin and Devin went over to Catalina this weekend and we couldn't help but talk about you guys and memories for a little while last night. Move to California soon please??